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Willamette Valley Honor Choir Registration is open!

District 12  Area Choir Directors!

What: Willamette Valley Honor Choir (Top 8-10 Students representing each section SATB from each High School in District 12 are invited to participate by choice of their choir directors.)
One time Performance on February 3rd, 2016 at Beall Concert Hall under the direction of Prof Christopher Olin with Accompanist Camilla Carter. Prof. Olin will be picking out quality advanced choral works to perform with this advanced group for this once a year event.
 Concert February 3rd 2016 at 7pm at the UofO Beall Concert Hall
Sunday Jan 31st from 10am-3pm UofO School of Music, in room 163 
Wednesday Feb 3 3pm-5:30pm UofO School of Music Beall Hall
Other Info: 
*Lunch will be provided on Sunday Jan 31st  
*Uniforms will be black and white formal attire. (Dresses, Suits, Tuxes, White or Black Dress shirts and slacks will be fine.)
*The fee for this event will cover the music, facility and staff expenses.  It will be $40 per person (If you need scholarships please reply and let us know so we can get you the proper forms for that.) 
Please give us the contacts for your chorister’s family or give them our registration link at-
The fee for this event is $40 – Scholarships are available
This includes Music, Lunch, Instruction, Accompaniment and Facility
Families may pay online or send a check to  OCC PO Box 11007 Eugene, OR 97440 made out to OCC, include Chorister name, WVHC and school on check memo
Oregon Childrens Choir will host a music memorizing workshop on Sunday January 24th 1-3pm at FUMC, 13th and Olive St, Eugene! This will be free and optional to the participants. 
Thanks for participating in this wonderful event!  


ANNOUNCEMENT!!! From now on, OCC concerts will be ticket free!  All are invited at no charge to all OCC concerts! Come enjoy and bring all your friends! 


Online Registration

for the

2015/2016 Choir Season is Open

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Come join us! (K or 5 yrs old-12 grade singers)

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Please include your chorister’s age and contact info!


2015-2016 Rehearsal location: FUMC (First United Methodist Church of Eugene, 1376 Olive St)

2015-2016 Rehearsal Days and Times –

Prelude Choir (K-1st gr): Mondays 4:30-5:30 pm Room 6

JAS Girls (2nd- 5th gr): Mondays 4:30pm to 5:30pm Room 16

JAS Boys (2nd-5th gr): Mondays 4:30pm to 5:30pm Rooms 11-12

Girlchoir (6th-8th gr): Mondays 4:10pm to 6:10pm Room 19

Boychoir (6th-8th gr): Mondays 6:00pm to 8:00pm Room 16

Middle School A Cappella (6th-8th Gr Auditioned from OCC BC and GC): TBA Starts later in the the OCC Season, Auditions Oct 19

Synergy (Auditioned High School Young Women): Sundays 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Rooms 11-12

Outburst Acappella (High School Co-Ed ) : Sundays 4:00pm to 6:00pm Room 16

Some Cool Guys (Auditioned High School Male Only ): Sundays 4:00pm to 6:00pm Room 19

Sforzando A Cappella (Auditioned High School Synergy, Some Cool Guys and Outburst Mix) : Sundays 6:00pm to 7:00pm Room 11-12

OCC Concert Series 2015-2016 Season

Free Admission

October  17th, 2015- Preview Concert with Refreshment Social at FUMC 1376 Olive St

1:30-3pm   All OCC Choirs perform 2 songs plus free refreshment social

December  12th, 2015 – Winter Concerts – OCC Choirs perform at FUMC 1376 Olive St 

1:30- 2:30pm   Prelude Choir, Junior Academy Singers Girls and Boys, Girlchoir, Boychoir

2:30-2:45pm    *Intermission and concessions

2:45-3:45pm   Outburst Acappella, Synergy, Some Cool Guys and Sforzando

March 6th, 2016 – OCC Benefit Concerts – OCC choirs (only) perform at South Eugene High School

1:30- 2:30pm   Prelude Choir, Junior Academy Singers, Girlchoir, Boychoir

2:30-2:45pm    *Intermission and concessions

2:45-3:45pm   Outburst Acappella, Synergy, Some Cool Guys and Sforzando

April 30, 2016 1:30- 3pm – OCC Solo and Desert Concert at FUMC

May 15th, 2016- Spring Concerts- OCC Choirs Perform at FUMC

2- 3:15pm   Prelude Choir, Junior Academy Singers Girls and Boys, Girlchoir, Boychoir

3:15-3:30pm    *Intermission and concessions

3:30-4:30pm   Outburst Acappella, Synergy, Some Cool Guys and Sforzando

June 5, 2016 – All OCC A Cappella Concert at FUMC

  • *Choirs are free to depart or arrive to performances during the intermission time or when their director schedules their warm up time.

    Additional Performances

    Nov 28 – A Cappella Groups

    Nov 29 – Jim Brickman Concert in Portland JAS, GC and BC

    Nov 29 – A cappella Groups at Oakway Mall

    Jan 29 – Synergy and Some Cool Guys ICHSA

    Feb 3- OCC Hosts the Willamette Valley Honor Choir directed by Prof. Christopher Olin at UofO Beall Hall

    March 5 – A Cappella in Albany

    March 11- 13 – Synergy  and Some Cool Guys to She Sings in Berkeley, CA

    April 16 – Pleasant Hill A Cappella and Outburst to Rose City Sing Off A Cappella

    April 19 – Oregon Children’s Choral Festival – GC and BC in Hult Center

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